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Staff Members

We are fortunate and blessed to have a number of fantastic individuals working on AAA. We are always happy to help our users, but please take note of which staff members are on hiatus! We would hate for your question or comment to be missed.

For non-art inquiries, please put in a Community Input Form. These are for questions, comments, and concerns, as well as the way to get plots and other ideas confirmed!

Admin Staff

booterscooter (xenontrioxide)

Site Owner, Hiatus

Scoots is currently unavailable for contacting.


Site Manager

sera has been on the site since the very beginning! She is an author who can never get enough of writing, and the fantastical aspect of AAA drew her in right from the get-go. She is available to be contacted through the forum, Discord, and e-mail. (All contact info can be found on the forum.)

AutumnrainChaos (ARC, Arc)

Assistant Manager

Arc can be contacted through the forum or Discord, with a preference towards Discord.

RP Staff

SaharaRose (Sahara)

RP and Forum Moderator

Sahara can be contacted through the forum or Discord.

Rosedawn (Rose)

RP and Forum Moderator

Rose can be contacted through the forum or Discord.



Artist, Hiatus



StarRice (Star)


Star can be contacted through the forum and Discord.

Blueorchidwolf (Blue)


Blue can be contacted through the forum and Discord.

Zeph (Tomo)

Jr. Artist

Retired Staff

Solistia (Soli)

Site Creator, Retired

Soli was the original creator of Anima Adoption Agency in July 2009. Her phenomenal and innovative idea exploded into a brilliant and fantastic world that our users have been enjoying for years. Thank you so much, Soli, for all that you've done for us!

CrystalAngelNeko (Crystal, Crys)

Artist, Retired

Crys was one of the site's original artists. Her vibrant style and dark plotlines were greatly enjoyed by all.


Artist, Retired

Dark was one of the site's full artists. Her understated and beautiful designs were prized by the users.