Customs are one of the most coveted aspects AAA has to offer. Artists will periodically open commission slots, known as bribes, or take customs for the site currency, "genetic credits" or GC, which is earned by posting on the board and participating in events. Please review the information on this page, and see all the tiers of customization we have to offer. Remember, the more control you want to have over how your Companion looks, the more expensive it will be.

Please be advised: All prices are subject to change.


A Custom Companion comes with a variety of different aspects which affect the final cost. These aspects can run from the mundane to the insane. Below you will find general categories and examples, but this information is in no way exhaustive. Feel free to contact your artist of choice to discuss other options.

Species Types

  • Mundane: any currently existing and non-endangered species of plant or animal
  • Chimeras: a combination of three or more species
  • Endangered or Extinct Species: any species that no longer exists or whose DNA would be reasonably difficult to obtain
  • Fantastical Creatures: mythical or created species, such as gryphons

Basic and Specialty Companion Types

There are two basic types of Companions: Normal and Demi. The quick rule to differentiate these are what sort of facial structure the Companion has.

Normal Companions are more humanoid, sporting animal or plant features and markings. (i.e. typical anime cat girl types)
Demi Companions are more anthropomorphic creatures that can walk and talk like humanoids and have a similar skeletal structure. (i.e. A werewolf in hybrid (part animal/part humanoid) form, Furries)

There are currently four specialty types of Companions: Viridi, Meta, Primo, and Pseudo. These specialty types overlap with the basic types and can often overlap with each other as well!

Viridi Companions have chlorophyll in their blood, marking them as plant types who can walk and talk like most humanoids.
Meta Companions are multi-legged where at least 70% of their lower bodies are animal. i.e. Centaurs. Satyrs, however are not Metas.
Primo Companions are Companions where something has gone terribly wrong. These are usually understood to be the very early experiments.
Pseudo Companions are Companions who were once a 'natural' humanoid in the world who has chosen to undergo genetic treatments to take on animal or plant traits. (Pseudos cannot become Demis.)

Twins and Love Pairs

Most Companions are a single being in a single piece of artwork, but under special circumstances there can be more (up to three Companions) in a single completed piece of artwork. These are twins or triplets which are sibling groups (and the only option for three Companions in one piece of art) and Love Pairs.

Twins/Triplets are bribed breedings or customs and must be of the same species as each other. If there is any difference in species, they may not be put together on the same piece of artwork. For example, they could be a set of twin Timber Wolves, but they could not be one Timber Wolf and one Grey Wolf. Twins/Triplets are not limited to being a single species, however, and are allowed the same diversity in species as any other Companion. For example, the twins could be Flamingo Gypsy Vanners.

Love Pairs are an adoptable convention allowed on AAA. A Love Pair is a set of Companions who are mated for life (and beyond!). Love Pairs may NOT be of the same species, so, following the example above, a Love Pair could be a Timber Wolf and a Grey Wolf, but could not both be Timber Wolves. Like any other Companion, they are not limited to being single species, so a Flamingo Gypsy Vanner could be LPed (Love Paired) with a Hummingbird Giraffe.

Love Pairs have a few special rules that need to be taken into consideration before you seek to LP your Companion:

  • Love Pairs must be applied for through a Community Input form. A staff member will then contact the involved users to go over all LP rules.
  • Love Pairs are forever. A Love Pair may never be separated, even after death.
  • Love Paired Companions may only breed with each other. *Crack breedings are allowed with appropriate permissions. Check the forum for more information.
  • Love Pairs are given one free breeding that may be requested at any time after both Companions have completed their YA Growth. They are rolled for number of babies per usual breeding rules, max of twins. If only one baby is rolled, a second free breeding may be requested after all cooldowns are completed. These breedings may not be bribed for twins. Check the forum for more details.

Customs Form Key


Name: Your Companion's name
Owner: Your username
Companion: Type Demi, Normal, Viridi, Demi-Viridi, Pseudo*, Primo*, or Artist Choice/Random
Tag Type: Domestic, Stray, Wild or Artist Choice/Random
Sex: Male, Female, Intersex, or Artist Choice/Random
Species: Example being: Bengal Tiger, Passion Fruit, Alpaca, Spider
Personality: Your Companion's personality
Body Type: Be as descriptive as you can
Base Shift: Style These can be found here. Specialty clothing can be requested, however it will change the price.

Tag Colors

The color of the tag on a collar determines what level of customization you are allowed. We have four colors: Onyx, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Always talk to your artist about what you're looking for in your custom! Generally this is done beforehand so the artist can let you know if there's any aspect of the Companion they are not comfortable drawing.

Prices listed here are the lowest price you can expect to pay for a custom Companion. Complicated details, be they markings, clothing, features, etc, will likely cost more. Speak with your artist about pricing. All prices are listed in USD, though the artist may be willing to also take full or partial trades. As always, talk with the artist!

Onyx Tag Custom

A completely random collar where all of the details are chosen by the artist. User will be prompted for a name upon preview. This level is NOT eligible for choosing a custom body type at Young Adult unless specifically RPed and discussed with your artist.

Companion Type:
Tag Type:

Base Price: $20+ or 5,000 GC

Silver Tag Custom

A type of semi-custom collar where some main details are chosen by you and the rest are chosen by the artist. This level is NOT eligible for choosing a custom body type at Young Adult unless specifically RPed and discussed with your artist.

Companion Type:
Tag Type:

Base Price: $25+ or 6,250 GC

Gold Tag Custom

A custom collar where the main details are chosen by you but specifics are chosen by the artist. Complicated extras or details may cost more. Speak with your artist about details and pricing.

Companion Type:
Tag Type:
Body Type:
Base Shift Style:

Base Price: $30+ or 7,500 GC

Platinum Tag Custom

A full custom collar where all the details are chosen by you. Complicated extras or details may cost more. Speak with your artist about details and pricing.

Companion Type:
Tag Type:
Tag Color:
Body Type:
Base Shift Style:
Shift Color: (Solid color only)
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Companion Features: (animalistic and/or plant-based)
Reference Images:

Base Price: $40+ or 10,000 GC


Commissions aka "Bribes" are another way for you to get a Companion. Our Agency staff are always hard at work keeping the Companions healthy and the facility at top notch standards. In the name of science, however, you can often find one of the scientists willing to help you discover your dreams!

So what does that really mean? Our artists don't always accept bribes, so please check with them on their availability! Bribes do not have to be limited to USD. You may offer your artist anything (legal!) in exchange for a bribed Companion and, if they like it, they'll let you know how much the items/services/etc are worth in regards to your Companion.

Bribes are not limited to new Companions, however! You may also bribe for special perks. Examples include, but are not limited to, special outfits, items, requirement waivers, and fertility. Please reach out to the staff if you are interested in these, or something else! The general rule of thumb is that if it is art-based, you'll talk to an artist, if it's a requirements waiver or anything more RP related, contact admin staff. In any case, you can't go wrong touching base with a staff member! We're more than happy to help find the answers to your questions.