About AAA


We are a small, yet established roleplaying adoptables website, and welcome everyone. We are always looking to welcome new members, and you can feel safe investing in us knowing that we have been around for 7 wonderful years! AAA wants to be the home you know will always be there! Like all adoptable websites, we at the Anima Adoption Agency have set rules and regulations. While roleplaying a Companion is entirely up to the user — owning, receiving and winning a Companion has its own specifications.

Please read the entirety of the rules for our site listed under the Important section of our forum.

A brief overview of our rules:

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity. If you have a problem please go to that user privately and try to resolve it. If you cannot PLEASE come to the Admin staff. We are here to support you. There is, however, never any reason for anyone to feel attacked on our boards.
  • Be patient with everyone. Remember that this is a fun hobby and everyone, from our users to our artists to our admin staff, have lives beyond the internet.
  • We are a PG-13 board. We do have 18+ areas, but in the standard areas of our board please keep language and content to a PG-13 audience.
  • Be considerate. RP is a game built off of communication between writers.

My First Companion

My First Companion is a special offer for our new members. It can only be purchased by site currency that has been earned by the person wishing to get their VERY FIRST Companion. To qualify for this collar the user cannot own ANY Companions at the time of its redemption. MFCs qualify as Onyx collars, meaning it is a very minimally customizable Companion. Once the collar is purchased, and an artist has accepted the commission, the user will send the item to the artist and then following information:

Companion Type: (Normal, Demi, Viridi, or artist's choice)
Tag Type: (Domestic, Stray, Wild, or Artist's Choice)
Sex Creatures/plants to Avoid: The species you DO NOT like or want for a Companion.
      (You may not choose the exact species, nor should you list everything under the sun to purposefully force the artist to a specific preference. At the same time, we do want to ensure your first Companion is one you could love!).

Due to their discounted price, MFCs do come with an activity requirement in order to be kept by their new owner. Like our contest Companions, the user must reach 30 days of site activity in a 45 day period (giving you 15 grace days). Activity can be earned in a number of ways, from posting actively on our chit chat threads, entering contests, commenting on people’s Brags or ‘So I Read Your RPs’, and of course by roleplaying your brand new Companion!


In order to play a Companion you must have site sanctioned art (this is the adoptable aspect of our site). To get a custom Companion, one must win it in an event or order it from one of our on-site artists. Custom Companions are usually purchased for USD, but can occasionally be found for site currency, or “genetic credits” aka GC. Remember, the more control you want to have over how your Companion looks, the more expensive it will be. Refer to the Customs page for more information.

AAA is a platform that allows our on-site artists to work as independent contractors. As with any commissioned piece of artwork, when you purchase a bribed Companion, you are entering into a contract with that particular artist. AAA is not responsible for the completion of later stages of the artwork unless it was a custom won in a site-run event.

Site Run Events

Anima Adoption Agency prides itself on many Site Run Events and the free opportunities we give our user base to be involved in the growth of our site. Site Run Events are site-sanctioned giveaways run by our artists and staff. Event won Companions are protected by the site which means that if for some reason the original artist is no longer available to complete the Companion's later stages, another artist will do it.

Companions won in these events must complete an activity requirement in order to be kept by their new owner. The user must be actively involved in the site, earning 30 activity points in 45 days, 10 of which must come from roleplaying your newly won kiddo! Activity can be earned in a number of ways, from posting actively on our chit chat threads, entering contests, commenting on people’s Brags or ‘So I Read Your RPs’, and of course by roleplaying your brand new Companion! Check the forum for more information on Activity Requirements.

Some common Site Run Events include: holiday celebrations, our yearly anniversary event, breeding seasons, writing prompts, and random dice events.

User Run Events

User Run Event Companions are Companions that are won through events held by another user on the site. We have a very generous userbase, and they will often purchase Companions to be given away. These events are generated and run entirely by the user with no staff involvement whatsoever. These types of events are wholly encouraged by the staff, but are not official site events, and thus not protected by the site.

The rules and regulations for winning and keeping the Companion will be set by the user running the event. The users reserve the right to award no winner if they do not find what they are looking for in their event. Many users also reserve the right to ‘reclaim’ a Companion won in a contest due to inactivity.

Breeding Seasons

Breeding Season Events are held several times a year by the artists of the site. They are free to join. Each season usually runs a little differently, but at its core artists will open special slots for users to combine their Companions’ DNA in order for the Academy (or other entity) to create a new life. Companions created during a breeding season are born through the MUTHRs process, and are never naturally occurring.

Common breeding season slots include:

  • Family slots for couples looking to have children of their own
  • Crack Breed slots for users to try and come up with the wackiest combinations
  • First Time Parents slots for couples with no children.

Due to the generosity of our users, even newcomers with no Companions often find themselves able to participate by borrowing Companions to enter.


Memberships will be explained at a later date.